Early learning parent and child groups in English

              LA ESCUELITA

The Little Ducks
For babies until they can walk


Our programme provides a complete developmental workout. It helps to build the strong neural pathways that are vital for early brain development and all subsequent learning.

Babies are exposed to the rhythms and sounds of the English language.

Classes last between 50 to 60 minutes.

Thursday: 11:15- 12:15


 CHF 120.- per month                     limited spaces

The Lions
2 year olds

More emphasis is placed on encouraging confidence in physical and social skills and in supporting increased independence with fun and stimulating games.

We start developing the english language in more formal manner  with the use of monthly themes helping children also expand their vocabulary.

Classes last 75 min

Thursday: 16:00- 17:15

 CHF 120.- per month                     limited spaces



The Crocodiles
1 year olds

Your one year old is now fascinated with the world around them so in this group additional learning themes are introduced and new skills are practiced.  We have activities that promote language and social skills and body awareness.

Classes last 75 min

Thursday: 9:45-11:00


 CHF 120.- per month                     limited spaces

The Giraffes
3 year olds

Through presentations, music, crafts, books and games we develop the English language in a more detailed and sophisticated way. The use of themes helps expand children's spoken language.

Classes last 75 min

Thursday: 14:30- 15:45

 CHF 120.- per month                    limited spaces




*New classes may be opened according to demand